Crisis Management

Crisis Management is a process whereby an individual or organization addresses situations or circumstances that potentially threaten the individual, organization, or its primary stakeholders. While various aspects of crisis management have existed for thousands of years, it wasn’t until the large-scale industrial and environmental disasters of the 1980s that crisis management became the focus of scholarly and commercial studies.

In a nutshell, crisis management is a system that is designed to prevent a pending crisis through strategic planning and communication, or to curtail the effects of an already existing crisis. It involves varying degrees of analysis and research, monitoring, advisement and implementation of strategic crisis management planning.

A “crisis mindset” requires the ability to discover worst-case scenarios for any given situation, and then formulate viable solutions. A crisis management firm must therefore be experienced in all relevant areas, as the nature of crisis dictates there be no room for error.

Some of our Crisis Management services:

  • Risk assessments: We work closely with clients to create plans that investigate risk and crisis scenarios.
  • Crisis communications strategy development: We prepare our clients for crisis with messaging and media training.
  • Crisis plans: We developed positive stories that will help our clients prevent or mitigate a crisis.
  • Crisis management training & Media training simulations: We advise our clients on what to say, what to wear, if and when to address the public and the times to reappear in public again.
  • 24/7/365 rapid-response crisis management team.
  • Message development (statements, press releases, articles and more)
  • Media relations:
    • Social media management
    • Online monitoring
    • Online reputation management
    • Third-party ally development
    • Crisis response
    • Impact assessment
    • Reputation repair and restoration

Anticipatory Management

As the name suggests, anticipatory management is a type of crisis management designed to utilize preemptive measures to prevent a crisis before it happens. Realizing the economic advantage to averting a disaster, rather than waiting till one occurs to address it, Celebrities Global Group Inc. always prefers anticipation to repair.

Utilizing a vast network of crisis management resources, we are able to pinpoint potential threats and take steps to neutralize the situation before a full-blown crisis occurs. It is our emphasis on preemption over repair that has saved our clients billions of dollars over the past decade.

Reputation Management and Repair

With success comes the ever-present danger of slander, misrepresentation, and a general deterioration of ones reputation. Whether you are a high-profile individual, or represent a major corporation, organization or brand, your reputation will forever be linked to your success. That is why Celebrities Global Group Inc. considers safeguarding your reputation of paramount importance.

Our crisis management specialists pull out all the stops to ensure that your reputation stays intact no matter what. We not only address slander and gossip in the media, we provide timely counsel to ensure you never make a mistake that could harm your public image.

Celebrities Global Group Inc. is a full-service crisis management firm with the resources and expertise to repair and safeguard your reputation. Let our team of crisis management specialists help you keep your most precious public commodity safe and secure no matter what!

Social Media Integrity Management

An area most crisis management firms tend to neglect is social media. At Celebrities Global Group Inc. we understand the sheer power of social media to either make or break you. More than a few major corporations have been bankrupted by the spurious claims of social media “trolls”.

Whether you are a high profile individual, or represent a major corporation, organization or brand, our highly skilled crisis management team can monitor your social image across all social media platforms and address anything that might potentially harm your credibility to the general public.

Event Management

An aspect of crisis management that is often overlooked is the area of social or public event planning. Time and again, gossip magazines and news publications have devastated the integrity and reputation of high profile individuals, corporations, or organizations because something unforeseen happened at an event.

Celebrities Global Group Inc. has the expertise necessary to plan and orchestrate social and public events in such a way that you never have to worry about potential scandal or unforeseen crisis. Our team of qualified crisis management professionals will take all necessary steps to ensure your event is hitch free and productive.